3 Steps to Naturally Beautiful Hair

Our hair just like our skin, is a reflection of our overall health. And just like our skin, it can be damaged by environmental factors like excessive sun and harsh chemicals. Follow these three easy steps by eliminating toxins, protecting from damage, and nourishing with natural ingredients to achieve and keep naturally beautiful hair.

1. Cleanse Naturally
Our hair picks up dirt and pollution throughout the day, so its important to remove these toxins by shampooing. Use a natural shampoo without silicones to minimize residue. If you have been using a conventional shampooing product with silicones, it might take a few weeks before you start seeing results after you switch to a natural shampoo such as Shikai Natural Everyday Shampoo or Avalon Biotin Complex Thickening Shampoo. During the first few weeks, you may actually find that your hair feels nottier than usual. This is because it may take several weeks to remove all the silicone residue.

Although its important to keep hair clean, its equally important to avoid over-washing hair. A common misconception is that hair needs to be washed everyday. Especially if you have dry or damaged hair, all you need is a shampoo twice per week. Over-washing hair can strip its natural oils and worsen the condition. Normal hair should be washed up to 5 times per week.

2. Protect
Excessive sun, color treatments, and perming can wreak havoc on even the most robust hair. The easiest way to protect hair from sun is to wear a hat or stay in the shade. Aim for less than 15 minutes of direct sun per day. Also stay away from "sun activated" hair lightening products, these tend to cause hair to dry out and speed up the process of sun damage. When it comes to hair coloring, opt for a natural hair coloring product such as Naturtint which uses herbal dyes rather than chemicals such as alcohol and peroxide. There are also organic perming and straightening systems available, just look for a professional salons that have gone organic near you. 

3. Nourish Naturally
Just like skin, your hair needs to be pampered once in a while to maintain tip top shape. Apply conditioner at least with every other shampoo and do a hair mask once every two weeks. A luscious DIY solution is to massage one avacado and a cup of real mayonnaise creamed together over hair and leave on for 30min with a shower cap. You will see noticeable difference almost immediately after rinsing out the mask. Or try Hamadi's Shea Hair Mask for a bit more costly but fool proof solution.

There you have it! Follow these three easy steps and look forward to healthy, beautiful hair in 6 weeks or less. Here's to a naturally beautiful you!


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